How to build a square with Square Eyes:


If you are interested in commissioning your own unique square, simply submit your details on the contact page and I will get in touch to discuss your requirements.  


Things to consider:

The process of building these collections takes time and it is worth noting that not just any 4 or 9+ images will work together. Marrying the images is key to result in a finished product that has the optimum balance and composition. Bearing this in mind, when commissioning a 4 or 9-square, I recommend the following approach:

Let me know your preferences; favourite locations, colour choices, ideas and themes and/or perhaps choose some of the images you would like to include.

This gives me a starting point from which to build. From here, I will create a visual of your 4/9-square using both your chosen images and images that compliment both the selected photographs and the other information you have provided.

Through this process, we should arrive at a beautiful balanced and bespoke piece that is yours to keep and that is uniquely tailored to you.



Timescales for a build vary. On approval of your commissioned visual, if the prints are in stock, then the work can start quickly and the completed item can be ready within a few days, however, if any materials need to be ordered, then the work could take up to two weeks. Further information can be provided and when placing your order and I will do my absolute best to meet any specific deadlines wherever possible.

Prices start form £60