I am a UK based photographer. I use my image making as a way of documenting my life and travels as a visual journey. Key moments are then shared and printed in a Polaroid size and style format and from that I build thematically related collections in multiples of 1, 4, 9 and upwards. This process allows the work to be customised to a location, theme, person or category.

My business, Square Eyes involves me constructing and selling my own collections based on a variety of themes. Another aspect involves me working with clients on a commission basis to create unique, individual compilations; they can direct and influence a piece based on their own favourite scenes and places I have photographed, building their own bespoke ‘square’ to reflect their own journey.

Most images are approximately 8 x 8cm in size unless otherwise stated. So, with the small prints, the only way to build large images with Square Eyes is to multiply the squares into bigger sets. Therefore the intimacy remains in these little images, but allows collections to be built and customised by theme. Using a variety of frame options there is a good selection of colours and sizes to best suit the images and if building a bespoke ‘square’, your requirements. 

My portfolio is continually expanding and covers a very diverse range of genres. Shown here is a limited selection of my work so, if there is anything specifically you are looking for, feel free to contact me and ask, I am happy to direct you to further examples.

Square Eyes is a regular market trader at various markets, should you want to visit and see first hand what it has to offer. Further details can be found on the Events page.

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